Our Process

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Quinn's Rapid Websites has a unique process and philosophy.

Why a  subscription?

In talking with business owners we saw a recurring pattern.  Custom building a website can take a long time because you want to get it just right

Once the product is finished there are a couple of options:

Changes cost money or changes are free. 

If changes cost money you may be less likely to update your website.  If changes are free, the webmaster may be focused on a paying customer and not do your updates fast enough.  I once heard a quote from a web designer "Free means when I get to it."

That is why after the set up we offer a monthly charge.

You don't delay your website launch until it is perfect.  "Perfection is the Enemy of Completion."

It's easy to change prices, add or remove items, rearrange content. 

If you hear certain questions you can put FAQs and answers on your website.

A subscription is more cash flow friendly.

We always have an interest in keeping our customers happy.

There are some instances that do not require many pages or updates. In those cases we do offer budget websites for a set fee. After that we bill you hourly for changes.


To find out what fits you best, call us at 760-724-0157